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Ian and his beloved Uke

This Is Ian performing in Eltham as part of an arts and crafts weekend which he took part in on an extremely hot Sunday 26th June. Ian performed two acoustic arrangements which were arranged by Ian and Steve Mac. The first one was the Supertramp classic “The Logical Song” and the second was a Santana medley […]

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Raimundo Nylon

  This guitar is my current number 1 nylon. It’s the guitar I use in all of my restaurant work and I’m really happy with it. I bought it in Hanks in Denmark street 3 years ago and have pretty much played it on every gig since. I originally wanted the cutaway model of this guitar only […]

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Baby Taylor

This is my Baby Taylor guitar, I bought this when they first came out around ten years ago and still use it today. It’s a 3/4 size guitar but has a surprisingly big sound for it’s size. I added a sound hole pick up for live use as this guitar makes an excellent backup steel […]

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Here is my Godin Multiac Grand Concert Duet Nylon which I bought last year for a bargain price at Acoustic Avalon. It is the slightly cut down version in that it does not have Synth Access, but it is remarkable in that it is virtually a solid bodied classical guitar with some chambers and fancy […]

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My Number 1 Squeeze!

Hi Everyone, This is my current Number 1 steel Strung acoustic guitar and it’s a beauty. It’s a  lefthanded Taylor 314Ce. I have had this guitar for a year now and it’s very dear to my heart… I’ll explain why. Just over a year ago my father passed away, he was always very supportive of […]

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High Tension Wires – a Participant’s View

I’m one of Steve’s High Tension Wires group members. I have had lessons with Steve for the last few years and not only am I very pleased with my progress, but as Steve says we have become not only a group of musicians but a group of like-minded friends. Unfortunately all guitarists suffer from a syndrome known […]

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HTW gig soon

Hi This is a test

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Hear Comes The Sun

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London Golf Club

This is me playing at the “London Golf Club” which is a fantastic venue and very popular for weddings. I have played there on a number of occasions and am very familiar with the set up there. If you are getting married at “London Golf Club”and are looking to have some live music played please […]

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