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My Number 1 Squeeze!

Taylor 314Ce

Taylor 314Ce

Hi Everyone, This is my current Number 1 steel Strung acoustic guitar and it’s a beauty. It’s a  lefthanded Taylor 314Ce. I have had this guitar for a year now and it’s very dear to my heart… I’ll explain why.

Just over a year ago my father passed away, he was always very supportive of me and my music and was very proud of what I do. I bought this guitar in his memory and every time I play it I almost feel that he’s close by so it’s very special.

The guitar itself is a wonderful instrument, it sounds amazing producing a lovely clear sound with plenty of volume. The neck is very slim and the overall playability is great. Plugged in, the on-board ES system produces a very natural sound through my AER compact 60 although I have had to use a feedback buster inserted into the sound-hole on occasions to stop some feedback when I’ve had to play sitting close to the AER .

I bought the guitar from Strings direct. They have a section of the store which is called “Lefties”. Over the years I have become a good customer as it’s one of the best guitar stores in europe for lefthanded guitarists like myself. A big thank you to store owner and fellow lefthanded guitarist Steve Jolly for his support and deals that he has given me.

If you are in the hunt for a great acoustic I would recommend you check one out. You won’t be disappointed!


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