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Raimundo Nylon


This guitar is my current number 1 nylon. It’s the guitar I use in all of my restaurant work and I’m really happy with it. I bought it in Hanks in Denmark street 3 years ago and have pretty much played it on every gig since. I originally wanted the cutaway model of this guitar only to find out when I arrived at the shop that it had been sold about an hour earlier. After tying several makes and models in the shop this Raimundo was for me by far the best. The guitar has a very compact size and is very comfortable to play. The pickup is a fishman which has a very loud and clear output so like my Taylor 314ce I need to be careful and not sit too close to my AER Compact 60 or my AER Domino to save any feedback issues. It would be nice to have a feedback buster in the soundhole but the soundhole is smaller than a standard size so unless Raimundo have their own…I’m not sure.

I love nylon guitars, the sound is perfect for the restaurant work I do giving a very mellow relaxed type sound. If you are a steel strung player and you have always felt that nylon guitar necks are way too wide and uncomfortable to play, try the Raimundo or indeed some of the Yamaha guitar and I think you would change you mind. They have kind of met the guitarist halfway with a neck width that’s inbetwwen the steel and nylon producing a hybrid size which is perfect for fingerpicking without being too wide or small. I plan to put some recorded tracks onto the site soon so you can hear the Raimundo in action.


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